LTC Consulting Lens: Good News vs. 恶劣的天气


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2018年. If you’re like the most of us here, you probably were covered in snow for the first part of this month and finally just creeping out of it. Or you’re one of those people that completely avoided it – you were in beautiful weather – and you were the ones sending screenshots to your friends of the beautiful forecast you had for the rest of the week, 让我们嫉妒. Thank you, that was really great. No, it brightened our day, thanks!

Either way, whoever you are, it’s the beginning of the year it’s January. It’s like that fresh snow is out there, 还没有人踩到它, we like to just keep it positive, keep that holiday cheer going a little bit longer. So for this video I’m going to give everyone some good, positive stories coming out of our industry. So hopefully it’ll brighten up your day a bit.

No. 1 -我们离开了康涅狄格. There was a pending budget cut for the Medicare Savings Program. Medicare Savings Program was in place by the state in order to help 许多 Medicare beneficiaries – senior citizens – that were getting coverage for their Medicare part B premiums, 对于一些人来说, 免赔额, 大量的现金支出. And this budget cut that was going into place was going to change the eligibility standard for this program 因此, 许多, 许多 seniors were going to lose that coverage. 在这个月初, the state announced that although it was going to make about $70 million in savings by going ahead with this budget cut, it was also going to make about 113,000年老年人真的, 真的疯了. That was not something that they were just able to pull off, 因此, they announced that they were keeping everything status quo. The same eligibility standards that were in place are going to stay in place and everybody gets the coverage that they were expecting. So, I don’t know what they’re going to do about that big gap in their budget but maybe a suggestion is don’t try to pass a budget cut that has so much push回来 from the whole state. 但这只是一个建议. 我觉得这是个好消息.

现在, I saw in the 纽约 Times this morning an interesting story about hospitals that are losing patience. Many hospitals are losing patience. And they’re running out of patientce because they’re waiting and waiting, 医生在等着呢, for 药物治疗 to be coming in and the 药物治疗 in not arriving. When they finally get this 药物治疗, the prices are extremely expensive, 极高的成本, and did you get my joke by the way with the patience thing, I was talking about the other – oh you got it – ok good, 我只是想确认一下, I wanted to make sure you got my joke. The 药物治疗 is very hard to get and when they finally get it it’s really expensive. 他们说你知道吗, let’s pull a page out of the Uber playbook and let’s just cut out the big guys and go straight to the source. 这就是他们所做的, they got about 300 hospitals together, they went straight to the manufacturers of the 药物治疗 and they said we want to get these generic 药物治疗s on our own at a very reasonable cost so we can distribute it to our patients. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. The FDA is actually 回来ing this as well, and it’s going to make available as this thing moves ahead, 药物治疗, 更多的药物, at much more reasonable pricing, which is something that’s really great news for all the other news that we’re hearing about 药物治疗 prices being sky high and just ridiculous.

最后, 来自锡拉丘兹的, 纽约, actually an LTC client that took over a healthcare facility Bishop Healthcare, Mr. Ed Farbenblum. When they came in, one of the first things they did was announce that they were committing to a $1.5 million salary raise for the nurses and the nurse’s aides in the facility. 这成了当地的欢迎访问十大电子网址, 真的很激动人心, and obviously getting started off on the right foot by having the staff happy and appreciative and that spreads to the rest of the facility. So great job Ed and we wish you the best of luck.

And I hope that these stories will keep you smiling, even if your friend sends you one of these-while you’re stuck under the snow, 你还是可以去的. So until next time, thank you so much for watching and keep warm!