All LTC departments work in unison with each other and your facility to generate the highest possible revenues. Our proven systems and departmentalized management ensure each facility meets- and exceeds- its revenue expectations.

  • LTC A/R

    LTC A/R

    Accounts Receivables & Billing Solutions

    • LTC thoroughly pursues all ongoing amounts due to facility for all services provided.
    • Constantly monitoring all aspects of each residents stay from a financial perspective.
    • Monthly aging reviews internally with full team of our staff. Scheduled quarterly reviews with each facility or corporate office.
    • No lapse in business office management during training or leave . LTC is fully staffed with educated and experienced personnel for consistent service.
    • Ltc keeps in close contact with all resident families and responds to questions and concerns promptly
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  • LTC Collections

    LTC Collections

    Outstanding Collections Programs

    • LTC Collections identifies which balances are worthwhile to pursue and prioritizes their focus on these to maintain timely filing.
    • Scheduled conference calls are held with each facility and/or Corporate entity to review progress and AR aging Analysis.
    • LTC Collections advises facility staff when a pattern is identified that results in AR balances.
    • LTC Collections collaborates with facility staff to ensure day to day AR Collections continuously improve.
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  • LTC Finance

    LTC Finance

    Financial Management & Industry Expertise

    • LTC Finance helps implement a strong invoice approval process
    • Daily cash projection reports allow for full transparency
    • Detailed financial reports allow for timely transparency into the operations
    • LTC Finance handles calls from vendors eliminating this function from the facility and management staff
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  • LTC Contracting

    LTC Contracting

    HMO Contracting, Credentialing & More

    • Healthcare Business Knowledge-
      All LTC Contracting staff have a billing background, and a thorough knowledge of the reimbursement and contract terms.
    • Constant Guidance-
      LTC Contracting not only communicates via ongoing reports of all progress made on each contract, they are in constant contact with the facility admissions staff to know who they can accept and how to go about getting approved to accept these residents.
    • Keeping You on Track-
      When LTC Contracting is handling a facilities licensure and credentialing, a tight CHOW schedule is adhered to. A customized calendar is created so both client and staff are aware of what steps they each need to take at each designated point
    • Vital Records Portal-
      LTC Contracting Clients are offered a secure cloud based file room, where all updated contracts and credentials are maintained.
    • Always on Contingency-
      There are no fees incurred for obtaining our services. If we are unsuccessful in fulfilling a request, no payment is necessary
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